Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Great Vinman

            The Great Vinman was born in the beginning of the middle of the year. He grew up in the usual way, with parent’s semi-content in their marriage, an obsession with ninjas, and more energy then anyone knew what to do with. The Great Vinman was smarter than the other kids his age, exceeding on every test and standard his school had to offer. In his eighth year the Great Vinman ran into some trouble. Food lost its appeal and he couldn’t bring himself to eat. The doctors soon realized that the medication they gave him to help control his energy was to blame and a change needed to be made. That change would change the world.
            They had to slowly take the Great Vinman off of his old medication before they could start his new ones. In the third week, as the last of the drugs worked their way out of his system the Great Vinman felt lighter. He woke up in the middle of the night filled with joy. He felt like he was floating on cloud nine. When he looked down he let out a yelp, discovering that instead of just a wonderful feeling, he was actually floating four feet above his bed. At first he was scared to move, petrified of crashing to the ground. But the Great Vinman had never been good at staying still. He slowly turned over, gaining confidence when he didn’t go tumbling towards his carpet.
            Eventually he was able to stand up in midair. He glided around his room, picking up speed until the world was a blur. When he wanted to land, his body sunk slowly onto his mattress. He ran to his parents room to spread the news of his amazing ability. For some reason he was too excited to question why he only found his mother. He woke her up and told her that he was a super hero. She thought he’d just been dreaming and tucked him back into bed.
            “But Mommy, it’s true. I can fly!” He protested. When she turned around to calm him she couldn’t find the words. Before her the Great Vinman was floating up on the ceiling.
            “See Mommy, I’m a super hero.”
            After a few minutes of stunned silence she pushed past her shock and got the Great Vinman back into bed. Even superheroes needed sleep before school in the morning. She walked back to her room and tried to wake herself up. She had to be dreaming. Her child could fly; it wasn’t possible. But no matter how many times she pinched her arm she couldn’t break through her dream and had to accept it as reality.
            The next morning the Great Vinman made sure he could still fly. It was even easier than the night before. His mother made him promise that he wouldn’t let anyone else see. It could be dangerous if the wrong people found out about his new skill. He promised and went through his day like he always did. In fact, the rest of the week went by without incident. Then the reports started.
            It started a few cities over. An army was on the march. The called themselves the Defiance and we lead by Zilear, an evil genius with a knack for engineering. He’d built himself an army of twenty foot tall robots and was using them to sweep through the state destroying everything in his path. His group of followers crept behind them stealing everything of value they could get their grubby hands on. The Defiance was making its way to the Great Vinman’s hometown and would be there by morning.
            The Great Vinman knew it was up to him to stop the insanity. A few days after his flying ability appeared he found that he could easily lift his mothers SUV. He knew he’d been given these gifts to help save the world from The Defiance. That night, after his mother went to bed, he put on the costume he’d gotten the year before for Halloween and flew out his window. His timing was perfect. Just as he passed over his elementary school he saw them.  He flew towards them without fear.
            The first robot he encountered was smashing through the wall of his mother’s bank. He sped up and punched the giant so hard its head flew off. It’s body crashed to the ground attracting the attention of the rest of the Defiance. He shot like a bullet towards them, crashing his way straight through the chest of the next robot he saw. He fought his way through a dozen of the metal monstrosities.
            Zilear made his way to the front of the line and found the Great Vinman swinging his creation above his head like a lasso. Rage filled him at the sight of his fallen army. He drew out the plasma gun he kept strapped to his side and took aim. The Great Vinman saw the blast just in time to dive out of the way. He swooped behind the fallen body of a robot as the explosion the bolt caused sent a car soaring overhead. Zilear kept firing and it was all the Great Vinman could do to avoid the blasts.
            The Great Vinman slowly made his way closer to Zilear between the blasts until he was able to attack. He charged at Zilear, tackling him through the air. They crashed into a building, tumbling across the floor. The plasma gun spun out of Zilear’s hand and broke in half when it hit the steel door to the vault. The Great Vinman leapt into action but Zilear was just as strong as he was. The two fought, fists flying so fast they couldn’t be seen. Zilear smiled, thinking he could win. But just as a smile started to cross his face the Great Vinman sent his powerful fist into his jaw. He went sprawling across the floor and was knocked out cold.
            Their leader defeated, the Defiance surrendered. The police took them all into custody and Zilear was forced to shut the rest of his robotic army down. The Great Vinman became the most beloved hero in history, winning the key to the city for his great victory. From that day on, anytime a threat found its way to the city the Great Vinman was there to stop it, and all before breakfast.

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