Thursday, June 25, 2015

...Hey. How Ya Doin'?

I haven't written you guys a story in nearly a year. This exercise seems to be going well...

I think one of the reasons I haven't written much is that I've felt this pressure to come up with these brilliant new stories every time. No one writes only amazing stories. For every great book there were about fifty terrible ideas they had to go through. Right? I'm sticking with the theory.

I also felt like I had to only write fiction pieces. But why? I said I wanted to practice writing in general but I still put this weird limit on things in my head. And its a stupid one. No one really reads this anyway, so who cares if I write a story about a dream jumping cat or rant about something happening in the world, or tell you a stupid story from when I was an extremely awkward child?

So, from now on I'll be posting whatever isn't book related (those bits are on IvAnReads).

I like your face. It's a nice face.

I'm sorry this is such a mess but the thoughts are pure at heart, I swear.